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Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Advantage to Nordic Walking

# Burn more calories: ‘Overall calorie burn can be higher in the cold as the body has to expend more energy to stay warm. The cold air forces you to work harder to overcome some of the natural body changes which occur when combatting the cold, so your body makes up for it by burning more calories and fat to energise your workout.’

# Boost your immunity: ‘Staying active during the colder months is your best defence against colds and flu. Outdoor activity can help boost your immune system and help immune cells circulate through your body more quickly so you can effectively fight off bacterial and viral infections.’

# Stay safe: ‘As the evenings close in and it starts to get darker, remember to prioritise your safety. It is not always wise to head out on your own, so try to find a local Nordic Walking UK group. These instructor-led classes offer a secure workout environment, so you can still get your fresh air fix alongside a full body, effective workout.’

# Avoid S.A.D: ‘Motivating yourself to exercise on a cold winter’s day can be difficult. You can combat this by finding a fun, sociable form of exercise that you’ll enjoy like Nordic Walking. Regular Nordic Walking sessions can help you to produce essential endorphins that can help to keep the winter blues at bay and increase your body’s production of vitamin D.’

Benefits of Pilates

pilates# Breathing: Improved breathing nourishes the body and increases oxygen levels in the blood. It also helps the body rid any existing toxins and promotes a healthier skin tone.

# Relaxation: Tension release and relaxation is encouraged by a sense of calm and well-being experienced during Pilates.

# Body shape: Muscle definition sculpts your waist and shoulders while toning your abs, arms, thighs, and bum.

# Body alignment: Proper alignment decreases your injury risk and helps joints stay healthy as you age.

# Pregnancy: Pilates offers soon to be mums a safe yet effective form of exercise.

# Mental function: Pilates builds mental stamina and focus by requiring concentration on each repetition, exercise, and sequence.

# Body awareness: Better body control and awareness enhances how you carry yourself and move every day.

# Internal organs: Pilates promotes optimal performance by your interior organs and helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

# Inner Harmony: Releasing endorphins naturally causes your mind and body to feel more positive.

# Physical Fitness: Every area of physical fitness develops from flexibility to endurance.

# Cross Training: Pilates is used by a variety of athletes to achieve their athletic pursuits.


About Treadmill Workout

In the gym but avoiding the treadmill? Don’t! When it’s rainy and grey, the treadmill can be a fantastic alternative to training outside. The trick is to tailor your gym workouts to mimic outdoor conditions. ‘Without obstacles like hills and wind, your heart rate will be lower on a treadmill,’ says AJ Perera, Fitness First personal trainer. ‘The treadmill also helps propel you forward by pushing your legs, instead of you pulling them forward, so running without an incline is similar to running on a slight downward slope.’ Set the treadmill to an incline of one per cent to simulate outdoor running intensity and have a better chance of adopting your natural stride pattern. Running without an incline is similar to running on a slight downward slope, making it difficult to maintain an efficient running form.

Stress your system

Doing the same run every week can have an undesired effect. Your body is pretty smart and quickly adapts to a running routine – becoming more efficient and using less energy. This means your speed and endurance gains level off and your running improvements dwindle. ‘To improve as a runner, you need to overload your system by asking it to do more,’ says Bud Baldaro, Asics distance-running coach. ‘This could be two miles as opposed to one, or 15 instead of 12. The key is to increase your distance regularly.’ Mix speed and distance by adding one- to four-minute sprints into longer runs.

A sample workout

Try doing this treadmill workout to mimic running outside. You can repeat the session as many times as you want, helping your body get used to different speeds and different incline levels. The key is to keep your body guessing, so that when you run outside your body is already conditioned to deal with unexpected changes in terrain.