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The Advantage to Nordic Walking

# Burn more calories: ‘Overall calorie burn can be higher in the cold as the body has to expend more energy to stay warm. The cold air forces you to work harder to overcome some of the natural body changes which occur when combatting the cold, so your body makes up for it by burning more calories and fat to energise your workout.’

# Boost your immunity: ‘Staying active during the colder months is your best defence against colds and flu. Outdoor activity can help boost your immune system and help immune cells circulate through your body more quickly so you can effectively fight off bacterial and viral infections.’

# Stay safe: ‘As the evenings close in and it starts to get darker, remember to prioritise your safety. It is not always wise to head out on your own, so try to find a local Nordic Walking UK group. These instructor-led classes offer a secure workout environment, so you can still get your fresh air fix alongside a full body, effective workout.’

# Avoid S.A.D: ‘Motivating yourself to exercise on a cold winter’s day can be difficult. You can combat this by finding a fun, sociable form of exercise that you’ll enjoy like Nordic Walking. Regular Nordic Walking sessions can help you to produce essential endorphins that can help to keep the winter blues at bay and increase your body’s production of vitamin D.’